About Ba Mosaics

Working with the fabrics of the earth to create art is both an honour and a privilege.

The old saying “written in stone” has never been more romantic when it comes to creating art with stone or glass (a derivative of sand). Using these ancient materials to create art is a bold statement of longevity, history and a homage to the romance of nature. To take materials that are millions of years old and create a scene of nature paints a parallel story of both ancient and modern love.

Stone and glass are tricky materials to work with but even as I work with them I can feel how our earth was formed. Today I use stone to show a historical appreciation of life, love, and the beauty of our planet using these ancient materials which I like to call the cloth of the earth.

What we do?

I have a passion for mosaics which started as a hobby 13 years ago and today I have turned my passion into beautiful home décor. I can trace back my admiration for mosaics to a picture in my home town. I remember as a child standing in front of it and being lost for words. Who would have thought that one day I was going to follow in the footsteps of many of the great known and unknown mosaic artists. Today I will continue to pave my own path and leave my own mark as a renowned mosaic artist, the art form I adore.

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